Amazon Boost Infinite –Get iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max for $0

 Pay $0 for the phone 15 at checkout (excluding taxes on total retail price + shipping charges). Requires activation and funding through Boost Infinite. After payment, Boost Infinite will charge a $60 activation fee, which will be added to your wireless bill for the first month.

Get a free iPhone 15 Pro from Amazon Prime

Amazon Boost Infinite – Get iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max for $0

Get a free iPhone 15 Pro Max from Amazon Prime

Find the iPhone 15 accessories you're looking for.

Boost Infinite Access for iPhone Terms and Conditions:

Please note that the availability of specific iPhone models may vary, and prices are subject to change based on the selected iPhone model. Boost Infinite reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer and its associated terms at any time at its sole discretion.

To initiate the service, customers must pay taxes on the total pre-credit retail price of the iPhone (referred to as the "List Price") and the first month's payment at the time of purchase. The monthly fee covers unlimited talk, text, and data for any iPhone 15 family model valued at up to $1,000. Taxes, regulatory fees, or surcharges are not included in the monthly price, and iPhone 15 models exceeding $1,000 will incur an additional monthly fee.

Autopay enrollment is mandatory for this offer. The Infinite Access for iPhone plan is exclusively available to qualified customers who finance any iPhone 15 family model. Please note that this offer does not apply to other phone models. Switching methods may lead to the forfeiture of the current plan or feature benefits. A maximum of 5 lines are allowed per customer.

Should a customer fail to activate the iPhone on the Boost Infinite Access for iPhone wireless service plan within 30 days from the date of purchase through Amazon, Boost Infinite will charge the customer the total List Price of the purchased iPhone using Amazon Pay.

Customers who consume more than 30 GB of data may experience reduced speeds. Please be aware that unlimited high-speed data is available only within the United States. Coverage may not be available in certain areas, and Boost Infinite is not responsible for the performance of its partner networks.

Customers who remain on the Infinite Access for iPhone plan for at least one year are eligible for an annual upgrade. This upgrade can be obtained after making full payment of at least 12 scheduled monthly costs and maintaining active service in good standing, including being current on fees throughout the year. The upgrade requires the trade-in of the existing Infinite Access for the iPhone plan phone, which must have the same IMEI as the phone specified in the customer's finance agreement or, if applicable, the replacement phone provided through a valid Boost Protect claim. Please return the current phone to avoid the customer being charged the entire remaining balance on that phone.

Please be informed that the Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan requires a 36-month finance agreement with Boost Infinite for the included phone. Upgrading to a new telephone ends the current financing agreement and any device promotion or deposit reimbursement credits. Monthly bill credits, up to $1,000.00 (the amount may vary; check the detail page for the latest pricing), will be applied in equal amounts over 36 months, depending on the current promotion and the customer's chosen iPhone model. These credits are provided as long as the customer remains active and in good standing on the Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan. Suppose the customer cancels, terminates, or suspends their Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan, including canceling the program voluntarily. In that case, the credits will be forfeited, and the customer will be immediately responsible for the outstanding balance due on the Finance Agreement. For full details, refer to the finance agreement.

It's important to note that customers are not obligated to upgrade and trade in their phone every year to participate in the Infinite Access for iPhone plan.

Additional Benefits:

North America Connect: Enrolled customers receive 5 GB of monthly data while roaming in Mexico and Canada. They also enjoy unlimited talk and text across North America while roaming, in addition to unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada. To qualify for this, customers must reside in the U.S., and their primary usage must occur within the U.S.

International Connect: Enrolled customers can talk and text to more than 200 countries through the International Long Distance Consumer Agreement. Maximum usage limits vary by country; please refer to our website for specific limits and more information about International Connect.

These offer terms are supplementary to and do not limit the Boost Infinite Terms and Conditions.

Boost Infinite Access for iPhone Plan: What's Included?

With the Boost Infinite Access for iPhone Plan, you'll enjoy a comprehensive package with the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, unlimited talk, text, and data running on America's Smart Network. Transitioning to this plan is effortless, whether you want to keep your existing phone number or acquire a new one. Plus, here's the best part – you can upgrade to the latest iPhone every year, and there's no need for a trade-in to get started. Yes, you read that correctly.

**Durable Titanium Build**: The iPhone 15 Pro Max is engineered with a robust and lightweight aerospace-grade titanium design, complemented by a textured matte-glass back. It also boasts a Ceramic Shield front that outperforms other smartphone glass in toughness. Furthermore, it's resistant to splashes, water, and dust, making it a durable and reliable choice.

**Advanced Display**: The device features a 6.7" Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion technology, which can ramp up refresh rates to 120Hz when you require exceptional graphics performance. The Dynamic Island feature brings alerts and Live Activities to the forefront, and the Always-On display ensures your Lock Screen remains easily readable without needing to tap it.

**Game-Changing A17 Pro Chip**: With a Pro-class GPU, mobile games become incredibly immersive, delivering rich environments and realistic characters. The A17 Pro chip is known for its exceptional efficiency, contributing to amazing all-day battery life.

**Powerful Pro Camera System**: Experience exceptional framing flexibility with 7 pro lenses, capturing high-resolution photos with vibrant colors and exquisite details using the 48MP Main camera. The 5x Telephoto camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max allows for sharper close-ups from a distance.

**Customizable Action Button**: The Action button is your shortcut to favorite features like Silent mode, Camera, Voice Memo, Shortcut, and more. Simply set the function you prefer and press and hold the button to activate it.

**Unlimited Wireless**: Enjoy unlimited wireless capabilities, all powered by America's Smart Network. This plan combines three of America's 5G networks to provide unparalleled nationwide coverage. You'll benefit from the combined strength of one or three networks, ensuring seamless connectivity.

**New iPhone Every Year**: Yes, you read that correctly. The Infinite Access for iPhone plan grants you the privilege of upgrading to the latest iPhone annually, thanks to Boost Infinite. It's a hassle-free way to stay up-to-date with the newest technology.

**No Trade-In Required**: Experience the convenience of having the latest iPhone delivered directly to your doorstep; there's no need for a trade-in to get started.

**What's the Catch?**: Believe it or not, there isn't one. This incredible offer provides all these benefits under the Infinite Access for iPhone plan from Boost Infinite, starting at just $60 per month.

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