Who is Matt Petgrave, the hockey player involved in the death of Adam Johnson?


Who is Matt Petgrave, the hockey player involved in the death of Adam Johnson?

The hockey world is mourning the loss of Adam Johnson, a beloved and talented player who tragically passed away in an on-ice accident. In this challenging time, we must also remember Matt Petgrave – the other player involved in the incident. 

Matt Petgrave is a professional ice hockey defenseman playing for OHL's Oshawa Generals. He was born on October 17th, 1997, in Toronto, Ontario, where he grew up playing minor hockey before joining his hometown team at age 16 as part of their junior program. Since then, he has been steadily progressing through various levels of competition, including stints with Team Canada U18 and U20 teams and representing Canada at two World Junior Championships (2017 & 2018). 

Off the ice, Matt is known to be passionate about giving back to his community through charitable work, such as volunteering with local hospitals or helping out during summer camps for underprivileged children. His commitment to making positive change extends beyond just words; last year, he raised over $10k by hosting charity events throughout Ontario!  

Though it's challenging to think about right now, given what happened between him and Adam Johnson that fateful night earlier this week, we must recognize all aspects of Matt's life- good and bad - so everyone can learn from this tragedy. Our thoughts are with him during these challenging times.

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