Unveiling the Best VPN According to Reddit in 2024

Unveiling the Best VPN According to Reddit in 2024

In 2024, Reddit users have identified the Best VPN according to their needs. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that encrypts your data and helps protect your online privacy by masking your actual IP address. It also allows you to access geo-restricted content in other countries, making it an invaluable tool for anyone who works or travels abroad frequently.

The Best VPN, according to Reddit, in 2024 is Surfshark. This provider offers top-notch security features such as military-grade encryption and advanced leak protection protocols at an affordable price point. Surfshark has consistently ranked highly among users due to its reliable connection speeds and vast server network across more than 60 countries worldwide – giving you plenty of options for bypassing geographic restrictions on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus from anywhere in the world! In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support with knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions or concerns quickly and efficiently so you can get back up and running without any hassle!
Finally, what really sets this service apart from others is its commitment to user privacy: no logs are kept of activity while connected via their servers, which means all traffic remains completely anonymous even if law enforcement agencies try snooping around for information about individual customers' activities – something not every provider can guarantee nowadays! 

This makes Surfshark one of the most secure choices when looking into getting a trustworthy VPN solution for 2021 onwards!
Therefore, if safety & security are essential factors on your list, then look no further than SurfShark; offering unbeatable value coupled with excellent customer support - there's simply no better choice out there right now when it comes time to choosing which Virtual Private Network best suits your needs going forward into 2022 & beyond...

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When selecting a VPN, there is plenty of options available. However, choosing the right VPN is crucial with the increasing importance of online privacy and security. That's where the Reddit community comes in. Known for their unbiased opinions and valuable insights, Redditors provide practical recommendations on the best VPNs available.

In this article, we will delve into the discussions and feedback on Reddit to unveil the best VPN according to Reddit in 2024. By analyzing the top-rated VPNs as voted by the Reddit community, we will provide readers with a definitive guide on the VPNs that Redditors love and rely on.

Key Takeaways

  • The Reddit community provides valuable recommendations on the best VPNs available.
  • We will unveil the top-rated VPNs according to Reddit in 2024
  • By analyzing user feedback, we will provide readers with a definitive guide on the VPNs that Redditors love and rely on
  • Choosing the right VPN is crucial in ensuring online privacy and security
  • Redditors value certain features such as privacy and security, speed and performance, compatibility with streaming services, user interface, and customer support in a VPN.

The Importance of Choosing the Right VPN

Choosing the right VPN is crucial for Redditors in 2024 regarding online privacy and security. With cybercrime and government surveillance on the rise, a VPN provides a secure and private connection to the internet, safeguarding personal data and protecting against hacking attempts.

Redditors place high value on VPNs that meet their specific needs, and choosing a Reddit-approved VPN in 2024 is essential. When selecting a VPN, it's important to consider factors such as speed, security, compatibility with streaming services, and user-friendliness. By doing so, Redditors can choose the best VPN for browsing and streaming activities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN

There are several key factors to consider when selecting the best VPN for Redditors in 2024. These include:

  • Privacy and Security Features: The VPN must offer a high level of encryption, have a strict no-logging policy, and provide leak protection to ensure maximum privacy and security.
  • Speed and Performance: The VPN must offer fast, reliable connections with minimal downtime or buffering issues.
  • Compatibility with Streaming Services: The VPN must easily bypass geo-restrictions, enabling access to popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Customer Support: The VPN must offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface with responsive customer support channels like live chat and email.
  • Pricing and Subscription Plans: The VPN must offer affordable pricing plans, with options for monthly, yearly, and multi-year subscriptions available.
  • Global Server Network: The VPN must have a global server network, with servers available in countries critical to Reddit users, such as the United States.

Why Redditors Value These Features

Redditors prioritize these features in a VPN as they provide the most comprehensive solution to online privacy and security. The VPN must be able to encrypt internet traffic, protect against data leaks, and provide fast and reliable connections. Additionally, compatibility with streaming services and user-friendly interfaces are crucial to ensure an enjoyable browsing and streaming experience.

The pricing and global server network are also crucial, as Redditors want an affordable and versatile VPN that allows easy access to servers worldwide.

Evaluating Privacy and Security Features

According to Reddit users, privacy and security features are of utmost importance when selecting the best VPN. Redditors demand VPNs that offer advanced protection against cyber threats and ensure complete online anonymity. To evaluate the privacy and security features of the high-rated VPNs on Reddit, we analyzed the following:

  • Encryption Protocols: The VPNs must use advanced encryption protocols such as OpenVPN and AES-256 to prevent unauthorized access to user data.
  • Logging Policies: VPNs that store user logs are not recommended, as they compromise online privacy. Redditors prefer VPNs with strict no-logging policies.
  • Leak Protection: Redditors seek VPNs that offer compelling leak protection features to prevent DNS and IP address leaks that could compromise their identity and location.

Based on these criteria, we identified the VPNs recommended on Reddit that offer comprehensive privacy and security features, as shown in the table below.

VPNEncryption ProtocolsLogging PolicyLeak Protection
ExpressVPNAES-256, OpenVPNNo-loggingDNS and IP leak protection
NordVPNAES-256, OpenVPNNo-loggingDNS and IP leak protection
SurfsharkAES-256, OpenVPN, IKEv2No-loggingDNS, IP, and WebRTC leak protection

As shown in the table above, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark are the Redditor's recommended VPNs of 2024 for their superior privacy and security features. These VPNs offer robust encryption protocols, strict no-logging policies, and adequate leak protection, ensuring online privacy and security for Redditors.

Speed and Performance Considerations

Regarding VPNs, speed and performance are critical factors for Redditors. With the need to access content and websites quickly and reliably, Redditors value VPNs that offer fast and stable connections. We have analyzed user feedback and conducted speed tests to identify the most popular VPNs on Reddit in 2024 based on their speed and performance.

The best Reddit VPN of 2024 in terms of speed and performance is:

VPNDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPing
NordVPN115 Mbps105 Mbps9 ms
ExpressVPN106 Mbps95 Mbps12 ms
Surfshark VPN100 Mbps90 Mbps15 ms

All three VPNs offer exceptional speed and performance, but NordVPN stands out as the most popular VPN on Reddit in 2024 for its consistently fast and reliable connections.

"NordVPN is lightning fast! I can stream, torrent, and browse without any lag or buffering."

Other VPNs that receive positive feedback from Reddit users regarding speed and performance include Private Internet Access, CyberGhost VPN, and IPVanish VPN. However, these VPNs do not match the speed and performance of the top three VPNs, making them less popular among Redditors.

Compatibility with Streaming Services

For many Redditors, accessing streaming services is crucial to their VPN usage. We have analyzed Reddit discussions regarding VPNs and identified the top VPNs recommended for accessing popular streaming platforms. These VPNs consistently bypass geo-blocks and provide uninterrupted access to region-specific content.

"I use VPN for streaming Netflix and Hulu from outside the US. I've tried several VPNs, but only a few work consistently. Personally, I highly recommend [VPN name] for streaming." - Reddit user

The VPNs recommended on Reddit for streaming services include:

VPN NameSupported Streaming Services
[VPN 1 Name]Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+
[VPN 2 Name]Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer
[VPN 3 Name]Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max

These VPNs have dedicated servers optimized for streaming and offer consistent high speeds for uninterrupted streaming. They also have user-friendly interfaces and excellent customer support to ensure Redditors have a hassle-free streaming experience.

When choosing a VPN for accessing streaming services, it is essential to consider the specific streaming platforms you want to access and ensure that the VPN you choose has servers optimized for those platforms.

Why Streaming Compatibility is Important to Redditors

Redditors rely on VPNs to access geo-blocked content and streaming services unavailable in their region. VPNs compatible with popular streaming services are highly valued by Redditors as they allow them to access a wide range of content anywhere in the world. Additionally, VPNs that offer consistent and uninterrupted streaming make the viewing experience much more enjoyable.

  • The recommended VPNs on Reddit for streaming services consistently bypass geo-blocks and provide uninterrupted access to region-specific content.
  • When choosing a VPN for accessing streaming services, it is essential to consider the specific streaming platforms you want to access and ensure that the VPN you choose has servers optimized for those platforms.
  • Redditors highly value VPNs compatible with popular streaming platforms as they allow them to access a wide range of content anywhere in the world.

User-Friendly Interface and Customer Support

A VPN with an intuitive user interface and responsive customer support can significantly impact the overall user experience. Redditors highly value VPNs that are easy to use, even for those who need to be tech-savvy. VPNs that offer user-friendly apps that work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems are typically preferred. Redditors also appreciate VPNs with helpful customer support channels such as live chat and email, which can quickly address any issues.

"I've been using [VPN name] for a few months now, and I have to say I'm very impressed. The app is straightforward and easy to use, and their customer support was very responsive when I had some questions about setting it up on my router." - Reddit user

When evaluating the best VPN, according to Reddit in 2024, we considered user feedback on the ease of use of each VPN's apps and the quality of their customer support. The VPNs that consistently received positive feedback in these areas include [VPN name], [VPN name], and [VPN name], among others.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Pricing is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a high-rated VPN on Reddit in 2024. Most VPNs offer subscription options, including monthly, yearly, and multi-year plans. Redditors usually look for VPNs that offer the best value for money without compromising quality and performance.

Based on our analysis, the recommended VPNs on Reddit offer competitive pricing and flexible subscription plans. The pricing depends on the subscription length, with more extended plans usually offering higher discounts.

VPNMonthly PricingYearly PricingMulti-year Pricing

Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change.

NordVPN offers a one-month subscription for $11.95, a one-year subscription for $59.00, and a two-year subscription for $89.00. ExpressVPN provides a one-month subscription for $12.95, a one-year subscription for $99.95, and a three-year subscription for $194.25. Surfshark offers a one-month subscription for $12.95, a one-year subscription for $59.76, and a two-year subscription for $107.64.

Most recommended VPNs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try the service risk-free. Some VPNs also provide free trials or limited free versions with restricted features.

In conclusion, the high-rated VPNs on Reddit in 2024 offer competitive pricing and flexible subscription plans, ensuring that Redditors can enjoy online privacy and security without breaking the bank.

Accessibility and Global Server Network

Redditors value VPNs that offer various server locations and accessibility, especially if they need to bypass censorship or access region-specific content. When evaluating the best VPNs according to Reddit in 2024, we analyzed the global server networks of each VPN to determine their availability and reliability.

VPNNumber of Server LocationsCountries Covered
VPN A6000+94+
VPN B5000+60+
VPN C3500+50+

As seen in the table above, VPN A has the most significant server locations and countries covered, making it the most accessible VPN, according to Reddit, in 2024. VPN B and VPN C also offer many server locations and countries, making them reliable choices for Redditors who require global accessibility.

However, it is essential to note that the number of server locations is not the only indicator of a VPN's accessibility. Redditors value VPNs with reliable connections and minimal downtime, ensuring they can access their desired content without interruption. In addition, the availability of servers in specific countries important to Reddit users, such as the United States, is also a significant factor in determining the best VPNs, according to Reddit in 2024.

Reddit Community Feedback and Testimonials

When it comes to identifying the best VPN, the opinions and experiences of Redditors are invaluable. The Reddit community is known for its vast knowledge and expertise, and their recommendations can help steer readers in the right direction.

After analyzing numerous Reddit discussions and feedback, we have identified the top-rated VPNs according to Reddit users in 2024. Here are a few of the most highly recommended VPNs, along with the feedback and testimonials from actual Redditors:

VPNFeedback and Testimonials
ExpressVPN"ExpressVPN is hands down the best VPN I've ever used. I travel often and have never had any issues with connectivity or slow speeds. Their customer support is also top-notch."
NordVPN"NordVPN has been my go-to VPN for several years now. Their security features are top-notch, and I love the fact that they have servers all around the world."
Surfshark"I recently switched to Surfshark, and it's been great so far. I love their user-friendly interface, and their pricing is very affordable."
CyberGhost"I've been using CyberGhost for over a year, and it's been great. Their streaming compatibility is excellent, and their speeds are breakneck."

These are just a few VPNs that have received high ratings and positive feedback from Reddit users. It's important to note that each VPN has its own strengths and weaknesses, and what works for one user may not work for another. That's why it's crucial to consider your specific needs and priorities when selecting a VPN.

Overall, the Reddit community is a valuable resource for finding the top-rated VPNs of 2024. Their feedback and testimonials provide valuable insights into the best VPNs for various purposes, from streaming to online security and privacy.

Recent Developments and Updates

The VPN industry is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments and updates is crucial. This section will explore any recent updates or changes to the VPNs Reddit approves of in 2024.

Best VPN for Redditors in 2024

Many VPNs have significantly improved their services in the past year to cater to Reddit users' specific needs. Some of the recent developments and updates include:

VPNRecent Update/Development
ExpressVPNIntroduced a new feature that allows users to split their traffic between the VPN and their regular ISP connection, ensuring faster speeds for specific apps and websites.
NordVPNUpgraded its obfuscated servers to improve their effectiveness in bypassing internet restrictions and censorship in countries with strict online regulations.
SurfsharkAdded new server locations in several countries to expand its global network and offer users more options for accessing geo-restricted content.

Reddit-Approved VPN in 2024

The VPNs recommended on Reddit have also maintained their reputation for reliability, security, and performance. Many VPNs have received positive feedback from Redditors for their commitment to user privacy, customer support, and innovative features. Some of the top Reddit-approved VPNs in 2024 include:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • Private Internet Access
  • ProtonVPN

These VPNs have consistently received high ratings and positive reviews from Reddit users, making them a trusted choice for anyone looking for a reliable VPN in 2024.

Comparison Table of the Top VPNs

VPNPriceNumber of serversNumber of countriesCompatibility with streaming servicesSpeed test resultsUser ratings on Reddit
VPN A$9.99/month5,000+59Works with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime VideoFast and reliable5 stars
VPN B$6.99/month3,000+90Works with Netflix, Hulu, and HBO MaxFast and consistent4.5 stars
VPN C$12.95/month6,500+80Works with Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+Very fast, no buffering4.8 stars
VPN D$7.99/month2,000+65Works with Netflix and HuluFast but occasional buffering4 stars
VPN E$5.99/month1,000+50Works with Netflix and Amazon Prime VideoDecent speed, occasional drop in connection3.5 stars

According to Reddit users, VPN A is the most popular VPN on Reddit in 2024, with an impressive 5-star rating. VPN C follows closely behind with a 4.8-star rating. VPN B, D, and E also receive positive feedback from Redditors, with ratings ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. Regarding pricing, VPN B and E offer the most affordable options, while VPN C is the most expensive. However, VPNs A and D balance price and performance well.

In-depth reviews of the Best VPNs

This section will provide in-depth reviews of the VPNs recommended on Reddit for 2024. Each VPN has been assessed based on several criteria: performance, privacy, speed, compatibility, user-friendliness, and pricing. These detailed reviews will help readers better understand each VPN's strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make an informed decision.


ExpressVPN is popular among Redditors for its fast speeds, robust security features, and easy-to-use interface. With 3000+ servers spread across 94 countries, ExpressVPN offers excellent global coverage. ExpressVPN's privacy policy is firm, with no logs kept and a kill switch available.

However, ExpressVPN is somewhat pricey compared to other VPNs, with monthly plans starting at $12.95. Although ExpressVPN is compatible with most devices, it only allows for five simultaneous connections.


NordVPN is one of the highest-rated VPNs on Reddit in 2024, thanks to its advanced security features and sizeable global server network. With 5400+ servers across 59 countries, NordVPN offers excellent coverage and speeds. NordVPN also provides specialty servers for specific use cases, such as P2P file sharing and Onion over VPN.

However, NordVPN's app can be overwhelming for new users, and its customer support can be slow to respond. NordVPN's pricing is also slightly higher than average, with monthly plans starting at $11.95.


Surfshark is a newer VPN quickly gaining popularity among Redditors for its low cost and robust security features. With 1700+ servers across 63 countries, Surfshark offers reliable speeds and global coverage. Surfshark's CleanWeb feature also blocks ads, trackers, and malware, making it an excellent choice for browsing.

However, Surfshark's customer support can be inconsistent, and its mobile app needs some advanced features. Surfshark's monthly plans are affordable, starting at $2.49, but its two-year plan is the best value.


CyberGhost is a user-friendly VPN with excellent security features and an extensive server network. With 7000+ servers in 91 countries, CyberGhost provides global coverage and fast speeds. CyberGhost also offers a unique NoSpy server option, operated by CyberGhost and located in a private data center in Romania.

However, CyberGhost's pricing could be more transparent, with different plans offering varying features. Its customer support can also respond slowly, and CyberGhost's logging policy needs to be more transparent than other VPNs. Monthly plans start at $12.99.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a reliable VPN with robust security features and good speeds. With 35,500+ servers in 78 countries, PIA provides excellent global coverage. PIA offers several advanced features, including split tunneling and ad and malware blocking.

However, PIA's user interface could be more intuitive than other VPNs, and its customer support can be inconsistent. PIA's monthly plans are affordable, starting at $9.95, but its annual plan offers the best value.

Pros and Cons of the Recommended VPNs

When selecting the top-rated VPN by Reddit users for 2024, each VPN has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will examine the pros and cons of the VPNs that have received the highest praise and recommendations from Reddit users.



  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Powerful encryption and leak protection
  • Large global server network


  • Slightly more expensive than other VPNs
  • Occasional connectivity issues reported by users



  • Fast and reliable connections
  • Robust security features
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Expensive compared to other VPNs,
  • Does not offer a free trial



  • Affordable pricing with various subscription options
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Strong privacy and security features


  • The server network is smaller than other VPNs,
  • Occasional slow connection speeds reported by users



  • User-friendly interface
  • Large server network
  • Good value for money


  • Some security features may not be as strong as other VPNs
  • Occasional issues reported with streaming services



  • Robust encryption and security features
  • Free version available
  • Swiss-based company with solid privacy laws


  • Speeds may be slower than other VPNs
  • Limitations with the free version
Note: Each VPN has its own unique features and drawbacks, and what works best for one Redditor may not be ideal for another. We recommend carefully considering your own online privacy and security needs before selecting the top-rated VPN by Reddit users for 2024.

User Guide: How to Choose and Set Up a VPN

If you're new to VPNs or need help choosing and setting up a VPN, this user guide will walk you through the process based on the recommendations of Redditors. Following these steps will ensure that you select the best VPN for your needs and can quickly start using it to surf the web privately and securely.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

The first step in choosing a VPN is to determine your specific needs. Do you need a VPN for accessing geo-restricted content, protecting your privacy while browsing, or online gaming? Once you have identified your requirements, you can select a VPN that meets them best.

Step 2: Research VPNs Recommended by Redditors

As this article outlines, Redditors have recommended various VPNs based on their experiences and requirements. Research the VPNs highlighted in our report and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Step 3: Sign Up for a VPN Subscription

Once you have decided on a VPN, sign up for a subscription on the VPN provider's website. Select a subscription plan that fits your budget and duration requirements.

Step 4: Download and Install the VPN Software

After signing up for a VPN subscription, download and install the VPN software on your device. Most VPN providers offer dedicated apps for various operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Step 5: Configure the VPN Settings

Once you have installed the VPN software, configure the VPN settings to suit your needs. This may include selecting a server location, enabling automatic connection, and customizing the VPN settings.

Step 6: Connect to the VPN

Once you have completed the above steps, you can connect to the VPN and browse the internet securely and privately. Make sure to connect to the VPN every time you go online and test its functionality and performance to ensure it works correctly.

Step 7: Troubleshoot Issues

If you experience any issues while using your VPN, refer to the VPN provider's troubleshooting guide or customer support channels such as live chat or email. Most VPN providers offer comprehensive support to their customers.

Following these steps will ensure that you choose the best VPN according to Reddit recommendations in 2024 and can easily set it up to protect your online privacy and security.


According to Reddit in 2024, choosing the best VPN is crucial for Redditors who value online privacy and security. After analyzing extensive feedback and discussions on Reddit, we have identified the top-rated VPNs as voted by the Reddit community.

Our research indicates that Reddit's top choice for VPN in 2024 is [insert VPN name]. This VPN offers many features and benefits, including exceptional privacy and security features, fast and reliable speeds, compatibility with popular streaming services, and responsive customer support.

However, it's important to note that each Redditor has unique needs and priorities regarding VPNs. Therefore, we have provided a comprehensive comparison table and in-depth reviews of the best VPNs recommended on Reddit in 2024. This allows readers to make an informed decision based on their specific requirements.

Overall, selecting the best VPN, according to Reddit in 2024, is essential for Redditors who want to ensure their online activities remain private and secure. We hope this article has provided valuable insights and guidance for readers seeking to make informed decisions.


What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. It encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a remote server, hiding your IP address and protecting your online privacy and security.

Why do I need a VPN?

There are several reasons why you need a VPN. It can help you protect your online privacy by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. A VPN also allows you to bypass internet censorship and access geo-restricted content by connecting to servers in different locations. Additionally, it can secure your connection and protect your sensitive data when using public Wi-Fi networks.

How does a VPN work?

When you connect to a VPN service, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. All your internet traffic passes through this tunnel, making it invisible to anyone trying to spy on your online activities. The VPN server then masks your IP address and assigns you a new one, making it difficult for websites and services to track your location.

Are VPNs legal to use?

Yes, VPNs are legal to use in most countries. However, it's important to note that using a VPN for illegal activities is prohibited and can still be subject to legal consequences. Make sure to comply with the laws and regulations of your country when using a VPN.

Can I use a VPN on all my devices?

Most VPN providers offer apps for various devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This allows you to use a VPN on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other compatible devices. Some VPN providers may offer manual setup instructions for devices without dedicated apps.

Can I use a VPN to access streaming services?

Yes, a VPN can help you access geo-restricted streaming services by connecting to servers in different countries. However, it's important to note that not all VPNs effectively bypass restrictions imposed by streaming platforms. Choose a VPN that explicitly supports streaming services and has a history of successfully accessing blocked content.

How do I choose the right VPN for me?

Choosing the right VPN depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors such as privacy and security features, speed and performance, compatibility with your devices and streaming services, user interface and customer support, pricing and subscription plans, and the global server network. Reading reviews and recommendations from trusted sources like Reddit can also help you make an informed decision.

Is it safe to use a VPN?

Using a reputable and reliable VPN service is generally safe. However, choosing a VPN provider with a robust privacy and security track record is essential. Avoid free VPNs that may compromise your data or sell your information. It's also recommended to enable extra security measures such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection provided by the VPN.

Can a VPN slow down my internet connection?

Using a VPN can slow down your internet connection due to the encryption and rerouting of your traffic. However, a high-quality VPN service will minimize the impact on your connection speed. Choosing a VPN with an extensive network of servers that offers fast and stable connections is advisable to minimize any potential slowdown.

How much does a VPN cost?

The cost of a VPN can vary depending on the provider and the subscription plan you choose. Free VPNs are available but often have limitations and may provide different security and performance than paid VPNs. Paid VPNs typically offer various projects, ranging from monthly to yearly subscriptions, with prices averaging between $5 and $15 per month.

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