About us



Believing that educational progress and development is one of the main reasons for sharing information with others, we have created the Technology News website in order to share with you the information and knowledge we have. On the Technology News website, we will address the most important global and local topics and news in this field.

We will not be satisfied with that only, but we will do our best in the educational aspect as well to give you the knowledge that God has bestowed upon us.

But what we really want, and what we want to actually achieve in our beloved Arab homeland, is real sharing of the information we have.

How many foreign websites have I visited and found only that their owner provides what knowledge he has to the site’s visitors? Do you know why they do that?

Because these people are convinced that their real progress and development comes through sharing information with others, or as they say, sharing information.

This person has built a website to present a certain knowledge, and this is because he benefits from another person who has another website and another knowledge.