NordVPN Review 2024: Is NordVPN Good?

NordVPN Review 2024: Is NordVPN Good?

A Comprehensive Look at Nord VPN's Features and Performance

Hello guys, welcome back to The Techno Galaxy. Thomas here. Today I'm going to be doing a NordVPN review and giving you a quick rundown on NordVPN. I've been using it for a little bit over two years now, and I've been really enjoying it. I figure now's a good time to get into it and show you guys some of the features that I like about this service.

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So, let's dig in. First up, let's talk about security. They use AES 256-bit encryption, which is basically the Gold standard today of encryption. They're also using a modified version of the Wireguard protocol, which they call NordLynx. This protocol basically takes WireGuard, which is already a very fast and secure platform, and then they're modifying it with the NordLynx aspect to make it so that there's zero information of you being saved on the VPN server itself.

Next up is their server choices. I really appreciate the amount of choices that they have for their servers. They have over 5,700 servers in 60 countries. You can also connect to their dedicated IP service if you want to pay a little extra. They have a Double VPN, Obfuscated Servers, Onion Over VPN, and P2P options, along with an entire list of countries that you can choose from.

Typically, what I do is I'll connect to the US, and within that, if I need something specific, I can connect out to New York or Phoenix, whatever it is, and it even allows that granular support of sticking to a particular server that you may want always to reconnect back to. I think that's a really cool feature & I think it's adorable that you can control everything down to the granular level, such as if I want to connect via Double VPN to something, I can choose which country I want to connect to, I can select specifically a region within a country that I want to connect to & I can even do presets, where every time I click this preset over here, I can have it connect for something that is geared towards downloads or speed or browsing. This will basically influence the algorithm for how it selects the next server that I'm going to connect to. For instance, if I want to communicate to browsing right now, it's connecting out to South Korea.

I can connect to a US-based server for downloads, and it will find that server and connect to it. Personally, I've run into an issue where this service takes a little while to find me the next server, which is something as a side note. Overall, if I were just to rate the VPN core service itself, I would probably give it an 8 out of 10 or 9 out of 10.

The only issues that I've bumped into with it are occasionally, it will have trouble finding me that next server if I'm hopping from one to another and occasionally on my mobile device if I go in and out of service. I lose signal bars and then they come back occasionally, I'll need to reconnect the VPN, but otherwise, it's rock solid. I've been delighted with it so far.

Next let's dive into some of the other features that NordVPN has. We've got Threat Protection up first. What threat protection does is it allows you to block ads, web trackers, and infected files; it also allows you to block malicious websites, tracking URLs, and deep file scans, and how this works is basically, it will enable NordVPN to check against their Blacklist of URLs and domains that may try to harm your machine. This allows them to block it before it gets to your machine, so instead of seeing an ad, you might actually see a white space with nothing in it, and that's just a really nice feature to have. Additionally, it allows you to block files. So if there are specific viruses that are out on the Internet that are known to Nord, they're going to block it for you, and you can fully customize this out to whatever you want. You can also block web trackers & I think this is a killer feature. Additionally, if you use an iPhone or an Android device, you have access to Threat Protection Lite, which is essentially the same service.

Another killer feature is MeshNet. I've messed around with this. It's more of a new feature that they just released, so I'm still getting used to it, but what it allows for is you to basically host your network within NordVPN, so if you have a machine that lives let's say at home. Then you have a laptop at the office, or you have a home server in your basement, whatever it is, if you connect up to MeshNet, what it does is it encrypts your information through their encrypted tunnel to their servers, what that allows for, is that my machine at home can actually see the machine that's at the office, it's as if they're on the same network together and that allows for you to host local Lan parties across with your buddies. It will enable you to share files directly with other machines and allows you, most importantly, to access your files from anywhere in the world, and that is a handy feature to have.

Overall, NordVPN is a fully-featured package. They give you a secure, fast, and easy-to-use system that works on any device: Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone & it even works on FireStick, which is pretty awesome. What's interesting about that is you can actually use it to connect to a different country, so if you're a Netflix user or use any of the other streaming platforms, you can connect to, let's say, the United Kingdom to access their library of movies and TV shows, which is just a great thing to have.

I like the auto-connect feature, which means I don't have to connect it every time manually & it just connects up. They have the VPN kill switch, which means that if, for whatever reason, you lose connection to Nord, the Internet won't work, which is a handy feature to have. It has split tunneling, so you can route some of your traffic through their servers if you desire. You can customize the DNS servers and when you get into the nitty-gritty of the presets, you can really customize it out to use whatever protocol you want, whatever country you want.

I'm going to load a speed test now here so you guys can see I'm in the US at the moment & I'm connected to a Manchester server. This service has been speedy. It works great for me when traveling; it's very secure and affordable. I got it with like 60-something percent off for two years & it's like 3 dollars a month. As you can see here, I'm getting 180 megabits Down Speed & I'm getting over 200 Up speed. I'm on a connection that has 400 megabits speed, so you can see that the speeds are really good. I use it to game, I use it for everything & I have it on all my devices. Overall, I've been thrilled with it.

So, after watching my Nord VPN review, if you decide to try Nord VPN, they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In the video description box below, I have included a Discounted link for Nord VPN for you guys, so if you are going to try it out, you can check that out. Please also let me know in the comments below what you think about it.

So, that's it for today's video guys. Please leave a thumbs-up to the video if you enjoyed watching it, & Please subscribe to our channel if you want to stay updated with all this tech-related content. I will see you guys in the next video. Please Take Care & Stay Safe Guys. :)

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